WORK / LIVE 干活 Milan CALENDAR 2021
Bernard Controls Italy team in collaboration with the Social Sensibility R&D Departments of Beijing & Paris/Gonesse, 2021
Calendar / Photographs
Bernard Controls France in collaboration with Blandine De la Taille, 2016
Calendar / Photographs
WORK / LIVE 干活 Beijing - pilot project - MAKING GREASE MOUNTAINS 使工业油脂堆积如山
Pei Yanchao 裴艳超 / Social Sensibility R&D Department, 2005
Louisa Li, 2010-2011
Conceptual intervention / marker on white board
Social Sensibility R&D Department / curated by Karen Smith & Mia Yu 于渺, 2014
Beijing Project n.00 SUIBIAN 随便
Alessandro Rolandi 李山, 2010-2011
Ballpen and ink drawings / hand-written poems & thoughts / non-productive actions / performances / video and photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.01 THE POETIC MODE 诗意的形式
Andrea Nacciarriti, 2011
Interventions / performances / video documentation / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.02 INVEST IN CONTRADICTION 新“大字报”
Ma Yongfeng 马永峰, 2011
Tags: quotes of Maoist slogans / appropriation and 'detournement' of the company's slogans / quotes from workers' sentences / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.03 PETIT MOVEMENT小动作
Megumi Shimizu 清水惠美, 2011
Interventions / performances / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.04 HUMAN PRODUCTS 人体产品
Lulu Li 李心路, 2011
Interventions / actions / tags /objects / clothing / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.05 60 665 704 身份的转换
Li Jie 李洁, 2011
Interventions / collaborative activities / interviews / documentation
Beijing Project n.06 ASSEMBLY 流水线
Fabrizio Massini 丰翼, 2011-2012
operating on the assembly line / storytelling / presentation / drawings / photography / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.07 THE COLOR OF MEMORY 记忆的色彩
Lin Jingjing 林菁菁, 2011
collaborative activities / drawings / paintings / interview / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.08 10 STRAIGHT LINES IN 3' 3分钟内的10条直线
Zara Arshad 阿飒, 2012
collaborative intervention / design thinking / tape installation on the factory walls / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.09 UNTITLED 无题 工厂噪音混音
Xiao Rong 肖容, 2012
sound interventions / music composition / interviews / photo and sound documentation
Beijing Project n.10 WHAT IS THIS? 这是啥?
Wu Xiaojun 吴小军, 2013
conversations / interventions on factory's billboards / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.11 SMOKING ROOM 吸烟室
Alessandro Rolandi李山, 2013
existing sculpture's detournement / smoking room / photo documentation
Beijing Project n.12 ARE THERE ANY MOUNTAINS LEFT? 还有山吗?
Arong (Rong Guangrong) 荣光荣, 2013
conversation / interventions / sculpture production with the factory's means / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.13 LA PERRUQUE (HOMERS)
Michael Eddy, 2013
Investigation about the practice of the 'perruque' / photo documentation
Yanzi 燕子, 2012
design / custom made uniforms for the workers
Beijing Project n.16 / 7 WORDS 七言
Alessandro Rolandi 李山, 2012
Conceptual test / drawings / sentences / actions / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.17 PORTRAIT 肖像
Raphael Uhrweiller and Mayumi Otero, 2013
Collaborative ink painting / portraits / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.18 UNTITLED (RECIPROCAL MASSAGE) 无题(正在进行项目)
Yaowei 姚薇, 2014
Design / performance / photography / interviews / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.19 UNTITLED 无题(正在进行项目)
Milla Kariina Oja, 2019
photography / interviews / documentation
Beijing Project n.20 SILENT SHINE 无声的闪耀
Ren Bo 任波, 2013
Digital photography / sculpture / video / installation / video and photographic documentation
Beijing Project n..21 LOO GALLERY 解手阁
Yan Shuo 阎硕, 2013
Intervention / turning a toilet into an art gallery / Installation / photographic documentation
Beijing Project 22 EXCHANGE FOR A BOOK 交换一本书的艺术计划
Deng Dafei 邓大非, 2013
Book exchange / relational activities / interviews / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.23 OPEN 打开
Wu Yuren 吴玉仁, 2013
Conceptual intervention / Conversation / Free Day proposal / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.24 SQX 躯体标本
Zhu Yu 朱渔, 2014
Transformation of the company product (actuator) into a sculptural object / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.25 SIMPLE WORDS, SIMPLE SAY 简单的话,简单的说
Yu Jing 余景, 2014
Discussions / interviews / painting / installation / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.26 HOT HIDDEN CONCERT 隐藏的音乐厅
Feng Hao 冯昊, 2015
Intervention / setup of cables and recording devices / concert / custom made cd-rom / polaroids portraits / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.27 BIKE SHED 自行车棚 Tianji website Matthew website
Tianji Zhao 天汲 & Matthew Greaves, 2015
Detournement of the bike shed / improvised interior design / setup of the informal teahouse / interviews /conversations / photographic documentation and recordings
Beijing Project n.28 SKETCHING IN THE FACTORY 工厂里的素描
Marianne Daquet 画画, 2015
Intervention / daily sketching practice / conversations / photographic documentaion
Beijing Project n.29 TALK TO YOURSELF 内心之帐(世界的测量)
Yu Bogong 于伯公, 2015
Intervention / sculpture / interactive installation / conversations / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.30 SQX
Dalian Art Education Group 大连艺术教育小组, 2016
Conceptual intervention / archive magazine research / newspaper re-printing / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.31 BLUE BANANA 青香蕉
Serge Onnen with Xiao Budian 家小不 & Anuar 和安努亚, 2016
Intervention / improvised concert / painting / detournement of the factory painting room
Beijing Project n.32 PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS 摄影讲座
Zeng Hong 曾宏, 2016
Photography class / ethnographic investigation / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.33 COLLECTIVE FILM_MAKING 组合电影小组
Ambra Corinti _ 月玟, 2016-ongoing
Ethnographic investigation / polaroids installation / collective script-writing / collective movie-making / documentary / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.34 EMPTY USAGE 空用
Nan Hao 郝楠, 2016
Intervention / collective performances / objects / exhibition / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.35 SHED 棚
Tianji Zhao 天汲& Max Gerthel, 2016
Architectural investigation / architectural proposal for a community space / project / renderings / photographic documentation