Beijing Project n.01 THE POETIC MODE 诗意的形式
Andrea Nacciarriti, 2011
Interventions / performances / video documentation / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.02 INVEST IN CONTRADICTION 新“大字报”
Ma Yongfeng 马永峰, 2011
Tags: quotes of Maoist slogans / appropriation and 'detournement' of the company's slogans / quotes from workers' sentences / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.03 PETIT MOVEMENT小动作
Megumi Shimizu 清水惠美, 2011
Interventions / performances / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.04 HUMAN PRODUCTS 人体产品
Lulu Li 李心路, 2011
Interventions / actions / tags /objects / clothing / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.05 60 665 704 身份的转换
Li Jie 李洁, 2011
Interventions / collaborative activities / interviews / documentation
Beijing Project n.06 ASSEMBLY 流水线
Fabrizio Massini 丰翼, 2011-2012
operating on the assembly line / storytelling / presentation / drawings / photography / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.07 THE COLOR OF MEMORY 记忆的色彩
Lin Jingjing 林菁菁, 2011
collaborative activities / drawings / paintings / interview / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.08 10 STRAIGHT LINES IN 3' 3分钟内的10条直线
Zara Arshad 阿飒, 2012
collaborative intervention / design thinking / tape installation on the factory walls / video and photo documentation

Beijing Project n.08
Zara Arshad 阿飒
10 STRAIGHT LINES IN 3' 3分钟内的10条直线


Zara Arshad is a Goldsmith's College graduate in the innovative discipline of Social Design. Her work has touched a variety of different contexts and environments and she has always had a specific interest in sustainability and socio-political issues. As a journalist and commentator she has followed the Social Sensibility Program since the beginning, posting several reviews on his website, then once having been offered the opportunity to join the project with her own creative work, she gladly accepted and developed a very interesting, intervention, in which the little time available (she was meant to leave Beijing after two weeks from the start) became a subtle and strategic element of psychological and creative inquiry. Zara chose quickly to focus on a very visual intervention and to link it to a specific material already used in the factory: industrial tape in basic primary colors. The tape is used in different ways inside the workshop, among which, the one, rather important, to delimitate the different areas of the floor and entitled them to a specific task: storage, assembling, quality control, etc. Zara asked everyone in the factory to draw ten straight lines in whatever possible form in a 3 minutes time; then she collected all the different images and she started to create a visual pattern on the staircase walls with the tape in different colors. Blue tape was used to reproduce the original drawings of the employees in some unusual spots and on an equally unusual scale; then, using yellow and red tape, Zara managed to create a complex and coherent graphic design pattern bringing together all the random combinations of -ten straight lines in 3 minutes- Zara's strategic and efficient solution proved that even with few time available, it is possible to develop a stimulating and thought-provoking project which involved all the staff at Bernard Controls. Zara has finished herself a large section of the wall tape-drawing and has promised to send the other designs for those in the company who would like to continue her work in the staircase and in other locations.




Beijing Project n.09 UNTITLED 无题 工厂噪音混音
Xiao Rong 肖容, 2012
sound interventions / music composition / interviews / photo and sound documentation
Beijing Project n.10 WHAT IS THIS? 这是啥?
Wu Xiaojun 吴小军, 2013
conversations / interventions on factory's billboards / video and photo documentation




Beijing Project n.11 SMOKING ROOM 吸烟室
Alessandro Rolandi李山, 2013
existing sculpture's detournement / smoking room / photo documentation
Beijing Project n.12 ARE THERE ANY MOUNTAINS LEFT? 还有山吗?
Arong (Rong Guangrong) 荣光荣, 2013
conversation / interventions / sculpture production with the factory's means / video and photo documentation
Beijing Project n.13 LA PERRUQUE (HOMERS)
Michael Eddy, 2013
Investigation about the practice of the 'perruque' / photo documentation
Yanzi 燕子, 2012
design / custom made uniforms for the workers
Beijing Project n.16 / 7 WORDS 七言
Alessandro Rolandi 李山, 2012
Conceptual test / drawings / sentences / actions / photographic documentation


Beijing Project n.17 PORTRAIT 肖像
Raphael Uhrweiller and Mayumi Otero, 2013
Collaborative ink painting / portraits / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.18 UNTITLED (RECIPROCAL MASSAGE) 无题(正在进行项目)
Yaowei 姚薇, 2014
Design / performance / photography / interviews / photographic documentation
Beijing Project n.19 UNTITLED 无题(正在进行项目)
Milla Kariina Oja, 2019
photography / interviews / documentation
Beijing Project n.20 SILENT SHINE 无声的闪耀
Ren Bo 任波, 2013
Digital photography / sculpture / video / installation / video and photographic documentation
Beijing Project n..21 LOO GALLERY 解手阁
Yan Shuo 阎硕, 2013
Intervention / turning a toilet into an art gallery / Installation / photographic documentation