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Alessandro Rolandi is the founder, together with Guillaume Bernard, of the research in Social Sensibility, the director of the Social Sensibility R&D Department in Beijing and the international coordinator and advisor of the activities of the departments

Born in Pavia on 18th April 1971; living and working in Beijing since 2003. Currently based in Bern (Switzerland) due to covid crisis
Studied Chemistry in the universities of Pavia and Siena, Experimental Theatre and film-making with Dominique Defazio and History of Art at Christie’s Education Paris Cambridge Certificate & Robert Cummings Scholarship
He has been living and working in Beijing since 2003, as a multimedia and performance artist, director, curator, researcher, writer and lecturer. His work focuses on social intervention and relational dynamics to expand the notion of art practice beyond existing structures, spaces and hierarchies and engage directly with reality in multiple ways. He is the founder, in 2011, and director of the Social Sensibility Research & Development Department at Bernard Controls in Beijing and Paris/Gonesse and a founding partner of the: Social Sensibility Research Institute (SoSense).
Fellow at Roxbourg Institute for Social Entrepreneurship Roxbourg Fellow

His work has been shown, among other venues at:
Venice Biennale 2005, Poles apart Poles together, WRO Wroclav Biennale 2011,
Caochangdi Photofestival Beijing 2009,-2010-2011, Museo Pecci, Milano 2011, MCAF Gent-CAAW Beijing 2008/2009, Asia Panic, Gwangju Biennale 2009, FUSO VideoArt Lisbon 2012, Under the subway, New York 2012-2014, Get It Louder Beijing-Shanghai 2011, Fringe Festival, UCCA, Beijing 2012, Beijing Design Week 2012, Yishu8, Beijing 2012, Venice Biennale 2013, Italian Pavillion in the World, MACT/CACT Ticino Bellinzona, 2013, EXIN China Independent film festival Nanjing-Beijing 2012-2013, OCAT Xian 2014,
Homeshop, Beijing, 2010-2014, Action Space,Beijing, 2014,Institute For Provocation 2014-2015 Beijing, Goethe Institute, Beijing 2016, The Gallery Apart, Roma 2014, MAXXI Roma 2014, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin 2014, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna 2015, Tanzquartier, Vienna 2015, ACMI Australian Center For Moving Image, 2015 Jiali Gallery, 2013-2016, Unicorn Center for the Arts, Beijing, 2015,
Intelligentsia Gallery Beijing, 2015, I-Project Space, Beijing 2015, Space Station, Beijing 2015, Pingyao Photofestival 2015, Beijing Design Week 2015,
Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo, Montevideo, Uruguay 2015,
Royal College of Art, London 2015, Arrow Factory, Beijing 2015-2019
Trinity Square Video, Toronto, 2015, Chongqing Photo-Video Biennale 2015,
L’Escalier, Montreal, 2016, Leonhardi Kulturprojekte e.V., Frankfurt, 2016, CACHE, Beijing, 2016, YAM Museum, Beijing 2017, McaM Shanghai 2017, Times Museum, Guangzhou 2017, Hanzhou, Liangzhu Cultural Center 2017, OST>STERN Frankfurt 2018, Manifesta 12, Palermo 2018, Barents Spektakel, Kierkenes 2019, Biennale of humor and satyre, Gabrovo, 2019, Organhaus, Chongqing 2019, Taikang Space, Beijing 2019, The Modern, Fort Worth, 2019, C4 Space Copenhagen, 2019, Long March Project Gallery, Beijing 2019, OCAT Shenzhen 2020, WOVCD (World Organization of Video Culture Development),Beijing 2021, Zizhi Online platform, Shanghai 2021, Platform China-Goethe Institute Beijing, 2022

Currently Author at

MADE IN CHINA Made in China
OAR Platform OAR Platform Oxford University

2011-2018 Writer/contributor for the following magazines:

Hyperallergic, Randian, Asyalist, Chinafiles,

2014 Chief coordinator of the 2014 Transnational Dialogues caravan in Beijing

Nominated by the Global Board of Contemporary Art for the Alice Awards 2011 together with Megumi Shimizu for the performance "Something on the way" Something on the way

Co-Curator of 2016 BMAB Beijing Media Art Biennale ‘Ethics and Technology’
Board member/Collaborator/Adviser for Institute for Provocation, Beijing, since 2015

Christie’s Education Paris 2001, Foreign Affairs University, Beijing 2004, Capital Normal University, Beijing 2003, 2018, Tsinghua University, Beijing 2005, Italian Cultural Institute, Beijing 2008, GAFA Guangzhou Art Academy 2013, CAFA Beijing 2016, NYU New York University, Shanghai 2018, BRERA Academy, Milano,, 2020, Ecole Offshore, Programme de recherche ‘creation et mondialisation’, Shanghai 2020

Teaching and mentoring at:
2001-2003 Institute of Political Studies (Science Po), Paris,
Cours d’ouverture-weekly lectures On politics in Art and Theatre,

2005-2015 Harrow International School Beijing: artist in residence and creative consultant




SaYiZheng 2019 (Sleepwalking)

Tinaji Zhao is the artistic coordinator of the Social Sensibility R&D Department in Beijing and she has formalized the methodology Work/ Live together with A.Rolandi

Tianji Zhao is a visual artist born in Beijing, grew up between China and the United States. She received her MA in fine arts in 2011 from MaHKU in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her work engages with found materials and situations as a way to generate potentialities of brief and slight matters in the everyday setting, which are fabricated into temporary senses of orientation in response to our perpetual “locations in making.” After taking part in two different projects of the Social Sensibility R&D Department, (respectively with Matthew Greaves and Max Ghertel), and having introduced the Social Sensibility to different institutions and venues and having coordinated several artists' interventions, Tianji has joined the department's team in Beijing to bring her local cultural experience and develop our project with new ideas, inputs and critical thinking. Her first important input has been the currently ongoing project "Work, Live".
The site-specific works of Tianji Zhao engage with the immediate social and phenomenal surroundings through fragile materials and hidden gestures. By allowing external forces to enter and take over, the erratic and accidental become part of the work as it transforms or fades away. She explores both urban and natural landscape in search of a dialogue with its inhabitants: from a marketplace, a temple, a teahouse, a factory, to a mountaintop and the night sky.



personal website

Blandine De la Taille is the director of the Social Sensibility R&D Department in Paris / Gonesse 

She studied at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'art de Paris-Cergy and at the Applied Art School Emile Cohl in Lyon (France). Graduated in contemporary art and literature (MA at the University Paris7). She has developed an eclectic practice in visual art, focusing on drawing, etching and video. Her illustrated essay on the Yiddish Theater received an award in 2009. In 2011 she got the ADAGP grant for large scale drawing. Her work has been shown in Paris, Geneva and Beijing. Her artwork has been influenced by brutalism and early decontructivism in architecture and it focuses on transient states in the urban environment. She is seeking for deciphering the energy beyond structures or materials once devoid of their original function and before being revisited. Along this line, her research has addressed various fields such as a theatrical/choregraphic form that has now vanished, disused architectures, random installation of furniture and cumbersome wastes left on the sidewalks of our big modern cities. In her own words: "All these organizations and structures momentarily ambiguous as they stand by struck me through their intrinsic force". A force that opens to a new sensibility. After visiting Alessandro Rolandi in Beijing in 2015 Blandine de La Taille worked in close collaboration with him at organizing a Social Sensibility R&D department at Bernard Controls France. Her first project, "Meanwhile, beyond machines" stands in continuity with her own line of research. By animating the daily professional gestures of the workers while deleting the manipulated object, (tool or machine), she could refer to a common value of pride about each one's expertise in his own daily tasks. This collaborative work with the workers was built on many shared moments spent listening and understanding the experience of each one at work and beyond, to finally transcend this creative energy into a choreographic expression issued from empathic interactions.