Beijing Project n.35 SHED 棚
Tianji Zhao 天汲& Max Gerthel, 2016
Architectural investigation / architectural proposal for a community space / project / renderings / photographic documentation

Beijing Project n.35
Tianji Zhao 天汲 & Max Gerthel

After the first project (bike-shed) made together with the Australian artist Matthew Greaves, Tianji Zhao starting to discuss with the team of Bernard Controls about the idea to design a multi-functional common space inside the workshop, next to the production line. Then she decided to involve the architect and artist Max Gherthel to come up with a final proposal.
The Shed is the result of their collaboration and their exchange with the company management, the employees and the workers.
An industrial container will be modified and transformed to host various activities and to provide a common space for sharing.
The project (whose budget will come from the company's direction) is waiting for final approval from the company to be included in the current renovation and development plan.

和澳大利亚艺术家Matthew Greaves一起做第一个项目(自行车棚)后,天极开始讨论与伯纳德控制设备有限公司有关的想法来设计在车间内而生产线旁边做个多功能的公共空间。然后,她决定涉及建筑师和艺术家Max Gherthel拿出一个最终的建议。