Beijing Project n.33 COLLECTIVE FILM_MAKING 组合电影小组
Ambra Corinti _ 月玟, 2016-ongoing
Ethnographic investigation / polaroids installation / collective script-writing / collective movie-making / documentary / photographic documentation

Beijing Project n.33
Ambra Corinti _ 月玟
website ( zajia )

Ambra Corinti is a sinologist, curator film-maker and writer based in Beijing since 2006; together with her husband, artist and film-maker Rong Guang Rong, she founded Za Jia Lab, one of the earliest and most important independent creative spaces in Beijing.
Ambra recently started a very ambitious and difficult long-term project at Bernard Controls: she started to select people interested (among the Bernard Factory's employees and workers) into becoming a film-crew that will undergo all the phases of a film production: writing, acting, direction, coordination and post-production.
The project is ongoing and it is expected to take between six months and one year to be fully developed.

Ambra Corinti是从2006年开始住在北京的汉学家,也是策展人,电影导演,作者。她和她的丈夫,也是艺术家和电影导演的荣光荣一起创办“杂家实验室”,这独立空间是在北京最早,最重要的自主创新空间之一。
在伯纳德控制设备有限公司,Ambra 最近开始了一个非常雄心勃勃的也困难的长期项目。她在伯纳德工厂的雇员和工人之间开始了选择有些对成为一位电影剧组的组员的人,他们将要经历一个电影制作的各个阶段的人:写作,演戏,指导,协调和后期制作。