Beijing Project n.27 BIKE SHED 自行车棚 Tianji website Matthew website
Tianji Zhao 天汲 & Matthew Greaves, 2015
Detournement of the bike shed / improvised interior design / setup of the informal teahouse / interviews /conversations / photographic documentation and recordings

Beijing Project n..27
Tianji Zhao 天汲 & Matthew Greaves
Matthew website

Artists' statement

The bike shed at the Bernard Controls' Beijing plant serves as informal meeting place for some assembly workers who spend their breaks there. We were interested in why the workers were drawn to this particular space and appeared to spend little to no time in the official recreation areas. We decided to have tea and coffee with everyone in the factory, using theses meetings as a pretext for open-ended discussions with workers about the factory, common spaces, art production, and prospective improvements to the shed. The bike shed has slowly begun to change in response to some of the suggestions we collected.



Bernard Controls 北京工厂的自行车棚是一些在那里休息的装配工人的非正式聚会场所。 我们感兴趣的是为什么工人会被这个特殊的空间所吸引,并且似乎很少或根本没有时间在官方休闲区。 我们决定与工厂里的每个人一起喝茶喝咖啡,以这些会议为借口,与工人就工厂、公共空间、艺术品制作和棚屋的预期改进进行开放式讨论。 为了响应我们收集到的一些建议,自行车棚已经慢慢开始改变了。