Beijing Project 22 EXCHANGE FOR A BOOK 交换一本书的艺术计划
Deng Dafei 邓大非, 2013
Book exchange / relational activities / interviews / photographic documentation

Beijing Project n.22
Deng Dafei 邓大非
Exchange For a Book Project 交换一本书的艺术计划

The artist's message for the Bernard Controls' staff

Dear friends: hello
I’m artist Deng Dafei, and I’m here to introduce you to my art plan, "Exchange a Book." The title of this book is "Tracks" and it is a collection of articles written at home by my father after his retirement. It took a total of six years. My father wrote the article and originally wrote it on the manuscript paper. Later, I helped him open a blog on the Sina blog, named "Yiminju"; a word from Su Dongpo-the poem in Ding Fengbo" "A misty rain Ren Pingsheng", my father wrote for several years without accepting it. My father has a habit. After writing and uploading the article to the blog, he always responds seriously when he encounters a message. Therefore, he has accumulated tens of thousands of fans in the past few years. Old friends and students who have lost contact for many years also pass him. The article contacted him. At the same time, my father also made a lot of new friends through the article, purely by writing to make friends.
My father's name is Deng Shichang, born in 1938 in Fuxin City, Liaoning, China. It has the same name as Deng Shichang, the national hero of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 in modern Chinese history. When my grandfather gave him this name, Northeast China was still in the Manchukuo period during the Japanese occupation. At that time, there was no "Jiawu Fengyun" movie. Deng Shichang was just a name for many people in history. Grandpa was a man at the time. The teacher hopes to give his son the name of a captain, hoping that his future destiny and body can be as strong, brave and full of resilience as a captain. Later, as his father grew up, the era he faced was really full of changes and various sports, just like the interpretation in the "Jia Wu Fengyun" movie. From the Puppet Manchukuo-the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression-the National Government-the War of Liberation-successive political movements after liberation, his father, as a small figure in history, was also trapped in this historical torrent. The book "Footprints" does not have a grand narrative of the entire history. It only records his father’s childhood memories from his childhood to his travels after retirement. Here, the ever-changing history turns into a very specific experience of an ordinary Chinese person. And details, this one has temperature details. Of course, as a diary-style prose, there is no clear statement of political stance and no radical mobilization of social aspirations in the article. This is an old man's record of time in his free time; an ordinary person's summary of how to spend his life.
My art project is to exchange the book "Tracks" with you as a gift. After you get the book and read it, you can choose an object of equivalent value based on your value judgment and give it to me in return. I don’t want you to give me money. Although there is a price on the back of the book, I hope you can exchange it with something other than money. You can choose what you think is equal to the value of this book to exchange with me. For example, a letter from your medical ethics, or a photo of you, or something else...
You can also send me the address, I can mail the book to you according to the address, and you will send me the item you choose to exchange according to my mailing address. It is best to write your name and a brief introduction to the object on the exchange.
My address is: Room 706, Building 4, District 1, Yuhuili, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101
Phone 18604163289. Deng Dafei Shou Email:

艺术家对 Bernard Controls 员工的信息

我是艺术家邓大非,这里向您介绍我的艺术计划是《交换一本书》。这本书的名字叫做《履痕》是由我的父亲退休后在家在写的系列文章的集合。前后总共花了六年时间,父亲写文章最初在稿纸上写,后来我帮他在新浪博客上开了一个博客,命名为“一蓑居”;来自苏东坡的词——定风波里面的诗句“一蓑烟雨任平生” ,父亲就这样一发而不可收连续写了好几年。父亲有个习惯,当文章写完上传到博客之后凡事遇到有人留言,他都认真的给回复,所以几年下来也积攒了几万名粉丝,失去联系很多年的老朋友、学生也通过他的文章联系到了他。同时父亲也通过文章结交了很多的新朋友,纯粹是以文会友。
我是的艺术计划是把《履痕》这本书作为一个礼物来与您交换,在您拿到书看了之后可以根据您的价值判断来选择一件价值相当的物件来回赠给我,我不希望您给我钱,尽管书的后背有定价,但我希望您可以用除了钱之外的其他东西来交换。您可以选择您认为与这本书价值相等的东西来与我交换。 例如您的医德一封信,或是您的一张照片,或是其他的什么物件……
我的地址是:北京,朝阳区育慧里一区4号楼706室 100101
电话18604163289。 邓大非收 电子邮箱: